Had A Sleepover and Schedule! I’m getting my hair cut!

August 18, 2008 at 7:47 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

-Above is an old pic. I took of my friend, Erin. She had her birthday sleepover yesturday nite until today. iT WAS A BLAST, i STAYED UP TIL 4 AM! I also ate 4 smores and 3 little chocolate bars! I’m obsessed with smores! It was camp out in her backyard! Right now I’m working on my summer reading. I only have ONE WEEK LEFT before school starts!

Tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut at my friends Emily’s house cause her mom is a hairdresser. I’m getting my hair cut into coming from up to down, getting longer the farther down it is, straight with straight side bangs! I’ll try to get a pic. of it! I haven’t updated my cmaping pics. yet either, man! I’ll try to do it sometime this week!

Here’s my schedule:

Tuesday: Getting Haircut, Hanging with Emily (friend), Summer Reading


Thursday: More summer reading

Friday: More summer reading, gettting ready for school!

Saturday: Cleaning day at house (ugh!), summer reading, hopefully finishing!

Sunday: Getting everything together to be all ready for school! And Summer Reading, hope not!



oh boy



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  1. sounds like a busy week and an exciting sleepover!~!!! Erin is soooo pretty!!!!!

  2. Yay, and its getting busier every second!!! The sleepover was fun, we video taped some of it, well erin’s mom did. Sorry the pic. isn’t that easy 2 see! I just did it in school real fast!

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