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If ur wondering, yesturday when I went 2 the stable, I really didn’t shadow anyone, I just worked! Lol! I used a soft brush on one of the horses after cross tying her then put on this fly repellent spray on her. Then I mucked out 3 stables and gave food to the horses. I also cleaned out the horses’ water buckets and dumped the water out. I also walked 3 horses to the pastures or fields and put a harness on them and a muzzle thing on one horse because that horse eats too much so it stops her from eating the grass. That’s it, I didn’t get to ride a horse, tho! Tomorrow I’m going ot the stable again to work again! Can’t wait, it was a blast!!!

-That’s a pic. of my new mmiddle school, Redding! Open house was so much fun! My new short hair cut with the side bangs got curly so it looked totally cute and my friends complimented on it! Yey! I also saw Jeffrey! Eep! I walked past him, idk if he saw me, tho, cause I look totally different! My 2 teachers seem nice! I’m just worried about bringing my big old cello on the bus!

-I have a sore throut, and so my voice is horse, sadly! All the medicine I’ve used so far haven’t worked! And when school starts I’m doing chorus and my throat hurts whenever I sing…    😦     

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  1. aoudns like u had fun, ur getting a taste of wat it is like to own a horrse!! its not all riding its hard work. and its a lot of responsibility. and ur proving u have a lot. I mean when u have a horse ur putting a 1,000 pound animal in ur hands!! and ur school looks nice. this year i have 6 teachers. last year i had 4.
    So ill talk to you soon, hope you throat feels better!!!!!!!
    P.S. please go 2 my blog!!

  2. Clare, yay, I had fun. Check out my latest post for more info. I know, its a lot of work! and responsibility! This year, my new school got a new principal and he seems nice so I’m excited! This year I only have 2 teachers, one for social studies, homeroom, writing, and related arts and the other for math and science! My throut still hurts, 2, but it feels better than before! Oh, I’ll check out ur blog after I update mine! bye bye!

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