A Poem of My Blog

September 13, 2008 at 1:54 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

-No One, Aly and AJ

My blog is going downhill,

As I look out of my windowsill,

Against my will,


think of my blog and how bad,

it makes me sound mad,

when in real life I’m glad…

So say what you want,

do what you do,

but no matter what,

you can’t cut,

my heart in half.

I will stay strong,

even if it all goes wrong!

Cause you don’t know me in real life.

If you did, you would be lucky,

to find a krazy girl with a krazy blog,

that will make you laugh,

and will be nice to you and everyone else,

trying to not hurt anyones feelings,

but does sadly with her opinions.

I don’t care,

I will share,

you my secrets,

but you won’t care at all,

I saw,

that you don’t know me,

and you never will.

Because I will be no one,

But Me.


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  1. That was very sad, but good. And did you write that about someone in particular? Let’s just say, oh I dunno………………………….. me or Clare?

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