This Slideshow Has To Do With Everything I’ve Been Dealing With Lately

September 14, 2008 at 2:00 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 14 Comments


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  1. awww poor u 😥 i feel soo bad this riminds me of when my grandpa died and my uncle i spent my whole childhood with them 😥 now im crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 i gotta go dry my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ❤ the song and the unicorn pic. is so cute. im sorry ur sad 😦

  3. I will brb, gotta go dry my eyes like bell.

  4. awww, poor you, bell! Sorry to make you cry, it is a really sad song, huh? Thanks for realizing how hard life has been for me!
    Clare, Somehow, I’m always sad on the inside, and I usually shed a tear…the song is really inspirational and just listening to it makes me feel better.
    r.l., sorry to make you cry, I still cry ever time I watch this slideshow over and over again!
    -Sad Girl

  5. i bee by your side i’ll hold ur hold ( not really) and this song was playing when heard my cat ran got ran over! 😥

  6. Your cat got ran over, I’m so sorry bell!!! I’ll be by YOUR side, we’ll survive together in this world!

  7. Cotton candy: Here is something that is on my blog:
    you and me are friends
    you smile, i smile
    you hurt, i hurt
    you cry, i cry
    you jump offa bridge,
    i’m gonna miss you

    LOL, right? OK, and I wrote YOU a poem(it does not rhyme to much):

    I will be your friend
    ‘Till the very end
    I’ll be here when you need me
    Every day just keep believing
    Kuz I love
    your blog
    Even though we’re not sisters
    I’ll love you if your in prison
    Kuz i love
    your blog
    I started karate lessons today(true)
    It is all work, no play
    But you’ll be
    By me
    And that makes me
    I love horses yes it’s true
    I wonder if you do
    But I’ll be
    By you

  8. aww i feel so bad for you!! i feel real bad for you my grandpa died (just like bell’s) and i was really close to him he was like my best friend!! i am sorry for you!! this so IS very inspirational!! i am sorry! now i am thinking about my grandpa. got to go dry my eyes!! this makes me so sad oh i miss my grandpa!!

  9. hi R.L Stines 😥 i am sad!!

  10. this is a really sad song!!! i like your poem.

  11. are you here R.L??

  12. ya

  13. my dad just got in the hospital and everything is really high and they said he might die

  14. Cotton candy: Did you read my poem?

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