TA DA! November Webkinz! & WHAT? Webkinz Clothes for YOU!

September 18, 2008 at 11:50 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Tell me which new webkinz u like, I like the dachshund, parakeet, and the lil kinz cardinal!


– I like the shirts, they’re cool, but the purses are a bit odd! lolzzzz! gtg 2 school again, bye my ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =] 😀



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  1. I love EVERYTHING, but I want the Camel webkinz best. And woo-hoo, first comment!

  2. i like the 3rd t shirt and last t shirt and the camel too the best!

  3. I like the parkeet and orca i LOVE the langur plush but not online 😛
    and i think the cupcake purse is really cute for a LITTLE KID not for a kid over 10 lol
    like me

  4. r.l., kul, I don’t like the camel webkinz 😦 But thnx 4 commenting, and its ur opinion about the camel, so yay! We still both ❤ the parakeet! 🙂
    Bell, I love those shirts, 2!!! But my fav. out of the clothes is the pink long-sleeve shirt!
    Clare, Same here, the languar is like really cute in real life but online, not really I big fan! The cupcake purse is adorable for a little girl, but not for ppl in middle school! XD

  5. The camel is my ♥, but we still both love the parakeet! and the cupcake purse is what my bffl’s oler sister wants, and she is in high school! rofl.

  6. yay dachshund!!! it looks like my dog chloe!!

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