First Soccer Game This Season!!!

September 19, 2008 at 11:22 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

2day after school I go to the stable to work then go to my first soccer games at night!!! It will be awesome! So obviously I won’t be able to update again today, sorry… But I’ll try to answer your comments!




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  1. i have horseback lessons today! and is taht youi n th epic?

  2. good luck!!
    & gorilla- no thats not her,

  3. ok

  4. r.l., yay, that’s not me. I have brown hair and I’m only 12., lol. Kul, I ❤ this one horse at the stable called Tippy, he’s a paint horse! I trotted him, but not on him, holding the rope, while I went to bring him and another horse, Norwood, out to a pasture! I <33333333 horses!!!
    Clare, Thnx!
    The game was soooo close! The team we were playing was, I think, the best in the state for our age group. We got the first goal but in the end it was 4 to 3, we lost 😦 I didn’t make a goal either, the coach put me in defense a lot…sadly.

  5. Kotton Kandy: I got to TROT ON Fred(my horse), trot him all around the rink, walk him, canter him and MORE!!!!!!!!!

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