September 20, 2008 at 3:47 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

4 mii webkinz giveaway, I need some more webkinz stuff! So plz, plz donate some webkinz stuff, maybe some exclusives that u could win back 😉 that would be just wonderful! Thnx! I’m going to my friend, Emily’s, house 2day! bye!



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  1. OK, I will give some retired PSF’s (gorilla, samoyed and toco toucan one day)

  2. hmmm, i’ll see what I got

  3. ill c wat i have..im gonna log on now…have fun at Emily’s! 🙂

  4. kk i just sent u a rainbow coffee table 4 ur giveaway- enjoy!

  5. Do you love animals? Well, then go to http://www.clareloveswebkinz.wordpress.com for a shocking, very important brand new post. Please read it ALL very carefully
    Thank you,

  6. r.l., thank u!
    Webkinz, k, thnx, my username is:
    Clare, thanks for the rainbow coffee table, I sent u something and a letter, 2! I’ll put it in the donation! And, I commented on ur blog, that’s so melancholy!

  7. thx for the note and the coupon it was really sweet of you. I saw ur comment 2, thats 4 joining me and not going to KFC! ive never been there..and i NEVER will. LOL 😆

  8. OK, Clare, you can STOP being like that. That post was just HARSH. I want you to comment on this page when there is a new post, I can’t STAND to see that post up. and i have 1 thing to say for what you said: I’ve beent here a lot……… and i’ll NEVER stop. LOL 😆 . Just trying to copy off of you.

  9. wat?

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