December POTM-My 1st Webkinz-POLAR BEAR!!!

September 23, 2008 at 11:50 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Da december POTM is the polar bear! That was da first ever webkinz I got!!! So I’m really excited! GTG to school, comment back l8r!!! Bye ppl thnx 4 da comments!!!



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  1. i need to get a polar bear still

  2. I have the polar bear, named Chili(creative, huh?)

  3. i have a polar bear named frosty!

  4. its cute 8)

  5. Webkinz Cheats- Tell me wat u name it when u get 1!!!
    r.l., I LOVE that name, Chili! I named mine Nosey because when I first saw it in a little birthday bag, it had it’s nose sticking out at mii! XP
    Bell, Frosty is SUCH an adorable name 4 a polar bear!!!
    Clare, hehehe, yep, when I 1st heard of webkinz, the polar bear was’t my first fav. but I still love it being my 1st ever webkinz!

  6. lol!

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