Future Webkinz BROWN COW, Webkinz ORNAMENTS, & Update

September 24, 2008 at 10:56 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

I guess it will look like the regular cow but with brown spots!

-More and more biographies of webkinz are coming up to be best friends with the brown cow!

-Get these Christmas webkinz ORNAMENTS coming out in October at LImited Too!


 Check it 0ut plz! N33d @ll da comments in da WORLD!!!!!! MWAHHH HA HA HA!!! jk, jk!



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  1. awesome,c an’t wait for the brown cow

  2. the googles ortanement is 2 cute!!!!!! ❤ it

  3. webkinz recipes, Mii, 2, I wanna see wat it looks like!
    Clare, I know!!!!! It’s my fav. out of all of them!!! These ones r all adorable but the googles iceskating is 2 cute!!!!!

  4. ya the googles is the cutest! 4 sho!

  5. totally

  6. You can preorder these- webkinz ornaments @ http://www.toyanddolls4u.com

  7. I was wondering who has the ornaments, how much they are and how can someone order them, every site either has them sold out or this form and photo with no place to order. Anyone have a clue? Just wondering. Thanks

  8. i really like the golden retriever! it is adorable!!!

  9. I have a webkinz ornament and it is a siamese cat in side a stocking it is so cute and I love it

  10. i own the brown caw.

  11. My mom has the brown cow. She named it Milkshake.

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