Joe Jonas & Taylor Swift Are Just FRIENDS!!!

September 25, 2008 at 11:26 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

Even tho Joe Jonas secretly went to one of Taylor Swift’s performances on her Rascal Flatts Tour, they r just close FRIENDS like Demi and Nick Jonas! I looked up this stuff about them and both say that they are just friends and that anyone would be lucky to date the other!!! But it would be weird for them, I think, if they ever dated, their better as BUDS! 🙂  Just 2 let u know!

So, yes 2 all of da Joe Jonas lovers, yes, he is still single…I’m still sad that Joe and AJ Michalka (if that’s how u spell it) broke up! They used 2 date like 1 or 2 years ago.

updating soon!



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  1. actually, People Magazine a VERY reliable recourse confirmed they ARE going out..and he was on the cover of there mag.
    and damn ( sorry for the laung.) hes HOT! i LOVE that pic its on a poster in my room :p
    Its one of his hottest ones.
    well actually hes hot all the time…everwhere he goes
    and he would be better with me then Taylor!!! Stop Jaylor and go to Jlare haha 😆

  2. Jaylor isn’t real, and I’m positive!

  3. Clare: I bet you are happy that Joe is single now, right? and OMG, why did you swear??? And I have some good names for you and your little lovebird 😆 :

    Cloe(not pronounced like the name chloe)?


  4. And isn’t Taylor so pretty in that pic?

  5. yeah she is most ghostly

  6. I know.

  7. it is real.
    sorry but its the truth. Joe has admitted it.

  8. i am goin bye bye not that i don’t like you guys… i do really…. but i don’t like the celeb stuff…. so bye guys~

  9. wats wrong starlite? 😕

  10. Mostly Ghostly, I know, she’s awesome, I LOVE her hair!!!
    17Stalite,My blog isn’t just about celeb stuff! 😕

  11. I know!!!! She is drop-dead gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

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