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-To me, Obama is not as experienced and will raise taxes. I think Obama just says he’ll change all of these problems but he needs the money for it so he’ll raise our taxes. He says different stuff then what he’ll really do. I also don’t think he’ll help the environment that much…my friend’s Mom said that we’re not ready for a black president. I’m not raciac! But I think that if Obama becomes president, some crazy white person that didn’t want Obama to win might attempt to hut Obama…

-Some people don’t like him just because he’s a bit old, which I think is mean. I like McCain. He fought in the war and knows how tough it is for the solders in Iraq. He’ll cut your taxes and he has an energy plan. He puts his country first.

Tell me in a comment please, who you want to win, too!




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  1. DEFINATLY McCain! You know how you have to be born in the states to be a president? Well, I know for a FACT that Obama is not producing his birth certificate!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Go McCain!! U r SO right on Obama!! Hes raising taxes 10,000$ for us!!! CRAZY!!!
    and wats his expreince? NONE
    go McCain!

  3. GO MCCAIN!!!!!!
    mostly ghostly, wow, u think obama wasn’t born in the U.S.?
    Clare, Thanks! Lol, yep noexperience! And I don’t like Bidon, even though Bidon was from Delaware where I live! I HOPE so much that obama doesn’t become president because he’ll raise taxes when we’re having a bad economy!

  4. who voted for Obama on the poll?

  5. OMG, GUESS WHAT???? MY MOM MIGHT TAKE ME TO A JONAS BROTHERS CONCERT IN CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Step-Grandma Joan lives out there, and she wants to visit her again. So by taking me to the concert, she can also see my Step-Grandma!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love McCain!!!! But i don’t like Sarah Palin (God forbid something happens to mccain, she’d make a terrible president!!!!!!!!!)

  7. Mostly Ghostly, Cool, that’s exciting for you!
    Amanda, Yeah, I first liked Sarah Palin but now that I’ve learned more about her, I know she wouldn’t make the best president.

  8. Yeah! Clare, you have competition, cuz now I like joe!

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