Awesome Day-Hopefully Awesome Weekend!!!

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So today’s been an awesome day! It was the last day of this big delaware test for 6th graders called d.s.t.p.! I forgot my social studies textbook on thursday night, so I couldn’t do my social studies homework that was due today. But I did the d.s.t.p. while social studies test was going on. ( I was in a different room, doing the d.s.t.p. with my friend, Brooklyn) So there was also a social studies test today, butI missed because of the d.s.t.p.! And I didn’t even study! So i went right to lunch with awesome Brooklyn and so we’re doing the test on monday and my teacher never asked for my homework which I didn’t do! Than in math class, we just played Simon Says and 7 Up! it was a blast! Then in keyboarding (one of my related arts) I had a substitute so we just did this program where you just type! It was easy and simple! Then in my next and last of the day related arts class, health, we went to the library to help set up for the Book Fair we’re having. I got to write down which books I liked and it was so fun to see all the new books coming out! Than I went to the stable I work at and handled one of themost dangeroust and moodiest horses there! Then I had pizza for dinner! Plus, my new crush who likes the Red Sox’s and Patriot’s kept glancing at me in the hall and at lunch!!! His name is Thomas…On Thursday I talked to him, but I acted like a complete jerk, I always act like a jerk around someone I like! I hate it! But it seems like he doesn’t seem to mind! So it was a pretty awesome day!

Tomorrow, Saturday, I’m having a thing called a double header, meaning I have two games in soccer on the same day! One at 9:00 A.M. and then my soccer team is going to a resturant out for breakfast! Then we have a game at 12:00 A.M.! If we win both games, we are in the playoffs!!! We could be the best team in Delaware! Then I’m going to my friend, Emily’s, house to get my hair cut because my friend’s mom is a hairstylistor haircutter or whatever.  Then I’ll probably hang out with Emily!

It will be…


bye persons!


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