Help Me Decide Plz~Quickly~THX!!!

October 29, 2008 at 1:22 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

~Turn off slideshow music 2 listne to Help! By the Beatles!-lol! 🙂

So I’m having a hard desicion.

My friend Kathryn wants to see High School Musical 3 with me with these 2 Regal Movie tickets she got me for my birthday…

But my other friend, Victoria, wants to also see High School Musical with me, she invited me to see it with her and her mom…

So I don’ know who I should go with…I mean, both Kathryn and Victoria are awesome friends, but I feelt hat if I go with one friend, and not the other, it could start a fight…so please, please help me chose who should I see High School Musical 3 with…

Thanks a billion!

Well, bye! I’ll update on some juicy love news that has been happening with me lately later! Comment! Thanks again!!!

~Cotton Candy/Krazykk/Kathleen



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  1. omg i saw hsm 3 it was AWSOME i loved the last song!!!! and i loved it soo much you would never excpect wat happens

  2. y dont you just invute them both over and go see hsm3 together????

  3. can u guys go together and buy an extra ticket?

  4. bell & Clare,
    well, I only have 2 free regal movie tickets and victoria’s mom will only let her bring one of her friends to see High School Musical 3 with me and it would be rude to turn her down. And she wants to see it right away but kathryn’s getting her braces off in 2 or 3 weeks so she told me that we should go after she gets them off so she can eat the popcorn…

  5. i don’t know…:(

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