Slideshow Won’t Work :'( PLZ READ AND LISTEN 2 VIDEO!!!! (Poll)

November 7, 2008 at 12:29 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

Dear Everyone,

So for some weird and sad reason, I can’t make a slideshowon my computer. I’ve tried several times but it just won’t work! >:[

Well, here’s the news you’ve all beeen waiting for…I like a guy named THOMAS!!!! (I’m over Jeffrey) Thomas and I have SO much in common which is really creepy…Lol!

Thomas is tall (like me) and has long blonde hair that sides to the side. It’s so cute!!! 😛 I forget what color eyes he has…though.

Interest The Same Between Both Of Us: Both love the Patriots, Bot love the Red Sox, Both Love Soccer, Both Supported McCain, Both Love To Play An Instrument (He’s in Band and I play the cello in orchestra), Both Are Funny and Determined and Athletic! And We’re both tall and are very popular in school!

So here’s the video I was going to put on the slideshow, but it didn’t work so here is the video with lyrics that I got form youtube.:

~Risque-Cute Is What We Aim For

POLL On Video:

1. I hated it!!!!!!

2. I don’t really like it…

3. I guess it’s ok

4. It’s pretty cool!

5. OMG! I love this song! The rythem and everything!!!!!

I vote it a 5, and I made a tap dance for it! xD

Plz vote~THANK U!!!!! PLZ COMMENT, 2!!!!! hehe, thanks!




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  1. No offence, but 1. I just do not like it. I LOVE the rythm and the lyrics, but I have never been fond of the band. And OMG, THOMAS SOUNDS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 5. OMG! I love this song! The rythem and everything!!!!!

    btw zach gave me a necklace for saying sorry! its goregus

  3. OMG, SO DID MY CRUSH!!!!!!!!

  4. wow thats so cool!! u guys seem like a perfect match!! how much more can u get in common!! i ♥ guys with blond hair! i bet hes cute!! i rate the song a 4!! its pretty cool 8) !
    sorry u couldnt put the slideshow up 😦
    maybe could u put a pic. of Thomas???

    PS- please go 2 my pic. of me jumping skittles!!
    and yipee no school tuesday!!

  5. Mostly Ghostly, Awww, Thanks! Yeah, he is pretty wonderful, huh? 😛
    Bell, Thanks for giving the video a 5! I ❤ it, too! Congrates on zach!
    Clare, Thanks!!! I know, we have like a ton in commmon which is awesome since he’s cute! 😉 Oh, and he is cute 😀 but I don’t think I could get a pic. of Thomas yet…I don’t have one and I dont’ want to just go up and ask if I can take a ic. of him! 🙂 I checked out ur blog, 2, and I just didn’t comment, sorry! I know, I’m so glad we don’t have school on Tuesday but I don’t have school on Monday, either, an inservice day!
    ~THX 4 commenting everyone! Kathleen

  6. Oh you little a**hole! LOLZ, I did not mean it, SO SO SO SO SORRYM, PLZ DO NOT BLOCK ME!!!!!!!!

  7. Sawwy, Mommy. LOLZ.

  8. Mostly Ghostly, Lol, its ok, all my friends cuse, I’m used to it…for a joke they call me the b. word ;D

  9. LOL, thanks. So like i can cuss a lil bit on here? i am not really allowed too, just a ❓

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