0ff ALL WEEK!!!!!!!!! ~Gasp~ Plz Read! !P0LLS!

November 22, 2008 at 1:05 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments


I’m off all week .o.O.

Yep, Thanksgiving week!!!! Cause of obviously Thanksgiving & cause there r parent conferences at my school!!! ::D

I’m just so happyyyy!!! ~Lmao!


Yay, so it snowed a LOT 2day here in Delaware, and so much in New York 4 all u New Yorkians!!!! (They’re very lucky!) I ❤ snow and the winter season, its just so pretty and HELL0!!! Christmas 😛

I got new polls 4 all u obbsessed-with-polls-persons!!! Plz answer & comment telling me what u chose, thx~I owe u! [[:





Peace out homieszzzz =BD



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  1. cool im going 2 go 2 twilight soon ( a few minutes ) and im meeting up after with my friends maddie and tif ( tif from CA ) and we r going 2 iceskate and have hot cocoa and then later we r ganna go horse backriding in the snow

  2. I commented on the polls, but my nmae is Cassie.

  3. Bell, Wow, sounds like its gonna be an awesome Saturday! 🙂 I <333333 iceskating & horseback riding!!!!
    Mostly Ghostly (Cassie), oh yeahhhhh, so sorry for forgetting :\ Hope I didn’t make u upset…
    I commented on the polls, 2!!! Thx 4 doing ’em!

  4. btw, its new yorkers. and have u ever ran and jumped on a sled while on a hill. ITS SO AWSOME!!!!! I ALMOST HIT A TREE!!!!!! IT WAS SO AWSOME!!!!!!!

  5. this is Mostly Ghostly, here is the link to my blog:

  6. http://horselover1089.wordpress.com/

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