March 29, 2009 at 3:28 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

hey everyone.

plz come back online. i miss the old days on here & every1’s blogs ]:

So, go 2:

2 see full episodes of south park.


I’ve been crushing lately. yup. just ask about it if u want xD

& ask for my aim if u ever wanna talk 1 on 1.

or my weemee or meebo.



Also, a few weeks ago my right leg popped when i was doing a split. the doctor said it was my grind muscle, part of my hamstring x\ so im not aloud 2 do any activities at all really. soon, it started feeling better than now its feeling worse again. i hate it.


Plus, about 4 weeks ago i 4got 2 tell u but i cantered on leona [: it was awesome. i held a buck & cantered 4 the first time when i actually lost my stir-up. it was .. wow. i have pics. on my bro’s labtop. i might be able 2 put them up here soon. this was before i hurt my leg.


So i just wanted 2 say i miss everyone, truly. middle school has kept me really busy. i updated my video page & hopefully will update more. So plz, if ur reading this, comment & I’ll get back 2 u as soon as possible. bye [:

~kathleen aka Cotton Candy 😀



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  1. do u have a skype

  2. no
    sry ]:
    i could make 1 tho 😀
    where do u go?

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