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Love 17 forever, shake it, kelsey, i wish we were older, control, etc. by metro station!!!!!

haha. i also broke the place above my wrist NOT by trippingover a rock like everyone says >:[ i was rollerblading, there was this dent/ditch thingy i accidently turned in & fell..then i had to get up and rollerblade another mile 2 my house. then i went to this emergency room, then got a light blue cast[:

Ask 4 aim & myspace xP

i miss u sooo much clare]: u said u were back but u never came x\

& liking my best friends twin bro, really weird xP

but LOVING MASON MUSSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! b-day coming up!!!!!! party this sunday!!! AHH IM SOOOOOOO HYPER!!!!!!! peaceee.



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  1. hayy kathleen(: remember me?
    comment my blog & return the fave for u
    whats ur aim sn? im AmandaxBabyGurl

    && yes mason musso is a sexxyy beefcake =]

  2. hey yeah i remember u amanda(:
    my aim is winningathlete6
    & oh yeah mason is so hot!

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