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  1. If you’re confused, Ice Skating Dress #2 is the picture under the Blue Ice Skating Dress which is #1! Please vote and tell your friends to come check out this blog! Thank you!

  2. I just love dress #1 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Hey Victoria!!!!!!!! What’s up???? All day, ALL WEEK I’ve been bored. Guess what, today is my brother’s birthday, Reed!

  4. #1 go go go!

  5. Yeah, 17Starlite! I think #1 is going to get the most votes but I guess we just have to wait and see!

  6. I like number 1…the colors are just beatiful..it was a hard choice, i also love dress 3
    great,creative, awesome page!

  7. Dear Lollipop,
    Thanks for voting! It’s like a really hard choice! Thanks! I wonder why Ice Skating Dress #2 isn’t getting any votes! I think that one is cool too, maybe if it had more color than people will vote for that one!
    Cotton Candy

  8. Cotton Candy,
    I like dress 2 also, but i like the colorful one’s better because its like more unque. but they ALL are elegant.

  9. Got that 4 sure!


  11. I pick #1 it’s so pretty!!! the design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) 🙂

  12. I pickn’ #3 because it’s hot lookin’!

  13. Thanks Kathryn,Margret and Victoria for voting in my Daily Poll! I like #1, #2 and #3!

  14. Any more votes anyone?????

  15. Dress #1 Won!!!!!!!!!

  16. I can’t see the first one.

  17. Really? Try clicking on it!

  18. I like the duck!

  19. omg that si soooooooooooooooooooooooo hard cotton cadny!! But i’d have to say the duck i have both ( well the Lil’ penguin) i loveeeee both!! Thats very hard choice! Whats your pick Cotton Candy?

  20. I have no clue for which one I’d vote for as my fav. webkinz bird! Maybe………………….. the webkinz penguin! Thanks for voting!

  21. OMG! Hi Jamie! It’s cool that you came and did my Daily Poll! Thank you! I’ll check Doggie’s blog so I can chat to you there!

  22. I really like the duck!

  23. penguin

  24. I love the penguin

  25. Thank you everyone for voting!!!!!!!

  26. the duck! I was disappointed with the way the penguin turned out. They could have done better.

  27. Yeah, I agree with you Doggie but they are both REALLY CUTE!

  28. I agree.

  29. I like the duck!!

  30. I really think the lil’baset hound is cute 😉

  31. I think they are both EXTREMELY CUTE!!!!!!!! Thanks for voting Victoria!

  32. I never regert this blog! and id have to say the lil basset hound even though i got my freidn the lil st berenard. I abosutoly love both! but i do have the lil basset hound and since i love basset hound soo muhc ( i almost got one) id have to say the lil kinz basset hound. But i LOVE LOVE st. beranrds as well! Nice poll!

  33. Thanks! The next one will be hard to answer!

  34. lil’ basset hound!

  35. K! Thanks for entering, Lola!

  36. your welcome!

  37. I am so for the lil’ kinz basset hound!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I’m sorry the joke (dream) was that Megan Kelly was a lepurchaun and playing these mean tricks on me and you were a fat priest and when i finally got megan back you sat on me !! hehehehehehe!! 🙂 🙂

  38. THAT’S NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! Then why did you say after that, “Ha! Ha! You got an F on your math test!”? Explain, KATHRYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and James are still EXTREMELY MAD, maybe even LIVID at you! YOU LIED!!!!!!!!

  39. thats prettyhard. i have to go with sea world i love it there. i am all for the whales 😛

  40. LOL! LOL! Me 2! I would choose Sea World 2!

  41. I say Sea world! I prefer it way over smusment rides. Ive been on alantis 22 times! ALways sat in the same seat..front row..right seat. I went 18 times IN A ROW with my GS troop when we slept over there! We went on late night..really early moring!

  42. Cool! Goooooo Sea World!

  43. sea world!

  44. Thanks for voting, Lola!


  46. Disneyland! But actually, Disneyland is in California. Walt Disney World is in Florida

  47. Sorry Doggie, mistake!

  48. purple

  49. lol!!!!!!!!! Lollipop! That’s so cool! The purple one is my favorite dress out of those 3 too! Please comment on my post about the Important Question! Thank you!

  50. Purple, definitely purple

  51. Thanks for commenting! I like the purple the best because it’s so fancy and sparkly!


  53. Me, too! The purple dress was made for me and I will wear a purple dress at the school dance!!!!!!

  54. I ♥ The purple

  55. you will?

  56. Victoria, Oh yeah!
    allie123, Thanks for choosing! Do you have a blog? Idk what it is so can you tell me so I can comment on it? thanks!


  58. I LOVE the curly hair on Selena yet I like the straight hair because it makes her look sweet! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! SO HARD! Good thing I don’t have to vote!

  59. Oh, and thanks! We’re both the best, along with everyone else that comments on yours and my blog!

  60. Wow hard choice!!! I have to say that i like both.
    #1 is more sophistocated but #2 is more her!!

  61. Agreed, Kathryn! Are you on? I’m going to your house 2morow!!!!!!!!! Yey!

  62. i like her with the strait hair.Did you notice i have been wearing that hair style for a wile?

  63. All right!!!!!! I ❤ straight hair!

  64. i ❤ the curly hair!!!!!!!

  65. oooohhhh, hard decision. Selena’s so pretty I really don’t care wat her hair looks like. I’ll go with straight, though

  66. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! It’s a TIE!!!!!!!!

  67. ooooo this is hard BUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTT………. I pick plain white tees because i dont have jonas brothers on my i-pod. i like the plain white tees songs our time now and hey there delila

  68. I gosh!!!!! This is defiently ur hardest! I ♥ both SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Butn id have to say jo bros

  69. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the results!!!!! 😉

  70. hey clare how do you get the little black star on it instead of the arrow and the 3??

  71. Yeah, L., How do you get that heart?

  72. Jonas Borhters, that waz actually easy for me! I’m not a Plain White T’s fan at all!

  73. oh, I know how u get the heart!
    Press Alt and the number 3 at the same time, but it has to be the three on the side of the keyboard, not the top!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Also try the other numbers for more symbols!!!

  74. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    ◘ ○ ♣ ☺ ☻ ♥

  75. ♥ ☺ ☻ ♦ ♣ ♠ • ◘ ○ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ oooh thanks doggie!!

  76. i have to say that the Jonas Brothers are better 🙂

  77. Have u ever heard any of the Plain White T’s songz?

  78. jonas

  79. neither! But if I had to pick i’d choose the Jonas Brothers!

  80. The Jonas Brothers win!!!!!!!!

  81. my fav color is black, and I wish i had black hair cuz very few people do! and i have nothing against, blondes, but it’s time for brunettes to take over!!! LOL!

  82. Lol! Thanks for answering my poll!

  83. Go brunettes!

  84. I would like to have black! If I had the right face for it!

  85. I would have 2 say, if I could vote, orange hair! I just think it’s cool and not a lot of PPL have orange hair! It’s extraordinary…kind of like me!

  86. Im a brunette and i ♥ being 1! its my fav.!

  87. i like being a brunette but i also like the color of ashlee simpsons hair which is like orange-red but i mostly like brown, GO BRUNETTES!!!!!!!!!

  88. All I have 2 say now is…
    GO BRUNETTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lol! I love brunette hair, too! Equally with orange hair!

  89. Well GO BRUNETTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. lol!
    Let’s face it…
    brunettes rock!

  91. ya!

  92. I pick blond, because that is my hair color!!

  93. boo you!!

  94. sorry its just that i like brunnette hair better



  97. DUH!

  98. 10

  99. Thankx for voting, hotmail737!

  100. 9, i ♥ it so much!

  101. If you love it so much, why not give it a 10? That’s what I would put if I could vote!

  102. i meant 10 but i accendiently wasn’t paying attention and pressed 9! WHOOPS! but i mean 10! 😀

  103. K!!!!! Mistakes happen, Lol!

  104. my dad thinks i’m am crazy but i think it is awsome 😛

  105. Lol! 10 for you then?

  106. LUV NATASHA!! gO HER!!! GO TAYLOR SWIFT TOO! SHE ROX! HEY PPLS VISIT MY SITE! http://www.askracheltheshow.wordpress.com

  107. i choose 7 or 8 because i dont have it on my ipod YET but…… i still like it 🙂 but i LOVE the song unwritten and the song love like this by her, THEY ROCKKKK!!!!

  108. and did you know shes british??

  109. Lol! I didn’t know she’s british, Kristen! Thanks for voting!

  110. 2!
    what happened on this song?

  111. Doggie, so wrong, I love it 10 for me please!! 🙂 ♥§… ♣♥!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  112. Well, thank you 4 voting Amanda and Kathryn!

  113. i thought pocketful of sunshine was just plain annoying! anyway, i vote for popcorn!

  114. I LOVE movie theater popcorn!!!!!!!!

  115. Pop!!!!!!!!!

  116. popcorn!! movie theaters have the BEST!!!!!!!!!! And u can get soda ANYWHERE!

  117. I know, sis’! Popcorn from the movie theaters are soooooooooo good and buttery!!!!!!!!
    Thankx SO MUCH 4 voting Hannah and Clare! I’ll check out your blog soon!

  118. oh my god movie popcorn is the best!!! thats why all the popcorn in my familys house is movie-theater-butter-flavored!

  119. i ♥ kettle corn the best! it’s my fave kinda popcorn! 8)

  120. i guess popcorn!!! i luv it more then soda!

  121. Soda. Because pop corn makes you thirsty. da!

  122. hey val why werent you a school yesterday??

  123. of corse POPCORN 🙂

  124. I would choose soda because, just like Valorie, popcorn makes you thirsty and I’m ALWAYS thirsty!

  125. Yellow Plan (but why don’t u have it has Simple Plan???)

  126. plAN

  127. Amanda,
    Yeah, I made a silly mistake! It waz suppossed 2 be Simple Plan! I changed it, sorry for the confusion!

  128. Simple Plan!!!!!!!!!!1

  129. Simple Plan!!

  130. WOOOOOOOOOOOW! 4 votes already for Simple Plan! Thanxxxx so much everyone that already voted! You rock! I LOVEEEEEEEEE Take My Hand by Simple Plan!

  131. PLAN 🙂

  132. he! he!

  133. simple plan!!!!!!!!

  134. never heard a yellow card song so… SIMPLE PLAN!!! 😛

  135. Hannah, Thankx! Simple Lan rockz!
    Kristen, Both bands are awesome! Listen to a YellowCard song on youtube! You’ll love them!

  136. yeah i just got 1 on my i pod it was ocean avenue!

  137. 9

  138. Valorie, huh?


  140. yeah, that’s what I’m wondering! Lol!

  141. my fave is Simple Plan!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! lol

  142. i think simple plan is better!

  143. hmmm i say c.s cuz i have it, and I really wanted the retriever cuz i have 1 in real life, but then i want u 2 get the c.s. but yeaaaa ummmmm i hope u get the c.s.!

  144. ummm…..i think the cocker spaniel

  145. golden

  146. Clare,
    Ok, its not like the golden retriever or c.s. will retire 4 real, at least not right not right now! This was tough for me, 2! I just want BOTH webkinz! I want almost ALL of the webkinz, some of them are adorable! Well, thank you so much for voting! Go webkinz DOGS and HORSES!
    Hard choice, isn’t it? Lol, yay!
    Cool, thanx for voting! I love both webkinz, tho, very much!
    Love u all,

  147. i have to agree with you kathleen but sorry Jake. 😦

  148. Thanks for voting, Vicky! Lol! Isn’t Jake your webkinz golden retriever?

  149. even though I love the golden retriever more, I’d rather have that retire cuz the cocker spaniel is the mascot and shouldn’t be retired.

    I have both of them anyway so it doesn’t matter for me

  150. neither, I have both and love them so much school out!!!

  151. yeah!

  152. yes 🙂 I can’t belive you remembered 🙂

  153. Amanda,
    Yeah, the C.S. is the webkinz mascot so I THINK that Ganz will never retire that webkinz! Thnx for votin’!
    Choose ONE!!!!! Do u c neither as a choice? I don’t think so! Lol! JK! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! School’s out!
    Thanks for making a decision, tho! Lol!
    Of course I remember, we’re bffl, (best friends for life!) Oh, and guess what? I went shopping at Khols’s (your fav. shop!) 2day and I saw this AMAZING wavy, black dress that would be PERFECT for prom next year!!! Eep! Wait until Jeffrey sees me in that! (I want to buy that with the gift card that u said you we going to give me…but the dress is 25$, just 2 let u know!)
    Love (With a long comment!),
    Kathleen aka C.C.

  154. I choose golden retrieve cuz i might get that 1 for Chistmass.

  155. i love both! how cam u want any webkinz to retire??

  156. i mean can not cam

  157. Kristen,
    WELL, I don’t one either one, or any webkinz to retire! Lol!

  158. DEMI! I love strait hair 🙂 but still like taylors. Not to be rude but demi’s last name is lovato 🙂

  159. K, thnx 4 votin’!

  160. id have taylor swifts but in brown

  161. kristen,
    thanks 4 voting! I’d chose Taylor Swift, too!

  162. Who is Taylor and Demi? 💡 You should do a page about silly webkinz rumors! 😳 Bad idea, huh?

  163. hmm Taylor.

  164. I choose Demi Lovato. I saw her movie, Camp Rock and I LOVE her heir! SHE’S A RED-HED! 😆

  165. Agreed, Clare!
    gorila8, Yeah, Demi’s hair is pretty cool!

  166. Krazykk: YA! I love her hair.

  167. i like we rock!! i have that song on my i-pod i also have play my music on it!!

  168. kul we do rock!

  169. I LOVE This is Me

  170. yeah, that song is awesome, too!!!

  171. I ♥ Gotta Find You cuz its so sweet and its by my love woh im obbsed with Joe Jonas!!!! he is mine!!! ♥

  172. yeah, except 4 he’s like 5 years older than u! wish u luck on your love w/ joe!

  173. how about this, u have joe and i’ll have nick!

  174. No offence, but I rate it 1.

  175. really? oh, wow.

  176. Just not my kind of music. You mad?

  177. no, just shocked 🙂 🙂

  178. I know. I shocked smiley is this: : shock : without the spaces. It lookes like this: 😯 I just don’t like the song It’s kinda whatever. 🙄

  179. 😯
    cool! How do you make that “whatever” smiley? Well, the song might be whatever 2 u but to me its like a good song for my love life…

  180. It is called roll it this is it: : roll :
    🙄 I know this won’t work but this is too funny but it isn’t real: :drool:

  181. It is called roll it this is it: : roll :

  182. 🙄

  183. I know I love it. I wish this was a real smiley: :sleep: But it’s not.

  184. But here are all the smileys I know:
    👿 😳 😡 🙄 😯 😀 🙂 😦 :sob: 😀 8) :mrgreen: ❓ 😐 ❗ 😆 😛

    That’s it.

  185. I mean, not :sob: but 😥 😳

  186. awesome!!! 😯 🙄 :sob:

  187. o wait that 1 isnt real

  188. 🙄

  189. And 😮

  190. can you teach me how to do those ones? they are so cool!

  191. If you wan tto know how, just put your curser over them.

  192. 👿 😳 😡 8) :mrgreen: ❓ ❗ 😆 COOL!!! but how do u make the one that has the raised eyebrows and you make the : and then a striaght line, where you u get the striaght line????

  193. thank you so much! That is totally wicked!

  194. 😕

  195. this 1 isnt reel: :!

  196. ok- Kathleen lol im still marrying Joe!!! and im seeing him and his bros in 2 days!!! ahhh!

  197. seriously? How? I thought u were going to their concert 2morow?

  198. oh, wait, sorry for that comment! Have fun!

  199. 3

  200. ok, thanks for voting!

  201. 3

  202. I dont remember saying 9!
    That is freaky……………………..

  203. Yellow and Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry,I an’t loged in!

  204. YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my sis is cheering for blue..

  205. Im chering for blue, my aunt works for starlight star bright and it s for kids with disobilities.

  206. RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love:


    Not literatly love, but u no wat i mean

  207. Hannah, Sweet! You know whats really weird, I have predicted a lot of stuff before and it came true, and I predict that the yellow or blue team will win…
    Kristen, NNNNICCCCEEE! Funny how ur sis doesn’t agree with u, lol!
    Kathryn, Good idea! Nice to know, maybe I’ll go to starlight star bright because of my disobility of weirdness and kraziness!!!!
    gorrila8, Yay, I like those disney channel stars, 2!

  208. Can u predict that the red team will win?????????????????????????????????/

  209. I feel that the red team might get 3rd place, gorrila8, sorry…but they will get a good place in future dc games!

  210. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kathleen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It WON’T happen! They will WIN with there hands tied behind there backs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. ok…

  212. Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! U r SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. I wasn’t joking.

  214. U weren’t? They WILL win FIRST?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? COTTON CANDY! You ROCK!

  215. GO YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1yellow rocks yaddaydaa i voted green last yr like seriously! yellow i picked b4 they even stated and theyre doin good

  216. holymolli, right now yellow and green r tied in 2nd place! I’ve cheered 4 green team 4ever!

  217. i’m a selena fan so i like the yellow team

  218. kullll vicky, r u on weeworld? I’ll get on now!

  219. i am a big fan of selena but in her song it repeats that line to many times 😦 Demi’s song is awsome!!!!

  220. Either Miley(getting her CD) or Demi. OK, I pick Miley cuz I <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 her.

  221. get back

  222. Mine would HAVE to be ( 😥 ) Blues Clues. I don’t like it NOW, but I used to ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ that show

  223. kul, lol, I guess

  224. Barney- i had EVERY Barney video possible and i cried so much wen a Christmas Barny tape got stuck in our VCR lol member’ tho VCr’s b4 DVR’s?
    I was barney for Halloween one year too. I remember wen the tape got stuck lol that was like 6 yrs ago!
    I LOVED Barney

  225. heheheeee, that’s funny how u cried when a Chirstmas Barney tape got stuck in those old VCR’s! Not 2 taunt! Aww, that’s a cute little kids costume, Barney! lol! I had a doll of the power puff girls when I was younger, I had their DVD’s and watched it all da time! I guess we all have something to be weirdly proud of and embarrassed of! 🙂

  226. I still like popwerpuffgirls!

  227. I LOVED Barney! I watched it all the time when i was little! I memorized all the songs and I always watched! And Clare, the same thing happened to me! Once the tape was stuck in the VCR and I cried until my dad got it out! 🙂

    ahhh memories

  228. haha niceee show lolz uhh im new to ya site but im on my friends all the time!:)
    IF u happen to have a club penguin im: hannah9 pink
    who is mostly on White House the server!!!:)
    Anyway hmmmm my fave show whan was little bay bay
    Elmo or barney OH WAIT!
    no nvm elmo or barney lolz
    btw i love ur site and i hope to meet u more
    and learn about “yo” stlye XD!

  229. mine was barney!

  230. pacsun

  231. Pac sun

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