Nickname Time

Hey, everyone! This new page is called, ‘Nickname Time’ and I hope everyone gets a nickname that they like! Maybe even, LOVE! If you don’t like the nickname other people offer, just say so! So…What is your nickname? Thanks for coming, remember, everyone has to agree to a nickname that is suggested from someone for it to be the person’s real nickname, and I’ll figure out what is the short name for your nickname!





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  2. Can I have… bubbles?!

  3. Victoria,
    I think you should have a nickname like Ladybug or Butterfly! which one do you like best? Does everyone like that name for Vicky?
    Yeah, you can have the nickname bubbles! Because…your energetic, spunky and bubbly!

  4. Im Lollipop! YAY!! 8)

  5. lol! Lollipop is I great name, L.!

  6. kathleen! I ♥ your site! so does ALL my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from:bubbles

  7. Thanks, bubbles! Will your friends ever comment on my blog?


  9. Me too, you can be L.B. for short, Lady Bug!

  10. What can i be?

  11. Bubble Man, remember?

  12. Can I have a nick name 2?

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Kathyrn, I’ll have 2 think about that!

  14. Well hurry uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!:) 🙂

  15. I’M THINKING!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!

  16. Well then hurry up i’m the only one without a nick name!!!!

  17. Fine! Lol!
    Tweety Bird? T.B. for short?

  18. I want a nickname!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. ops diden’t see

  20. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I’m still Bubble Man!!!!!!!1

  21. Bubble Man, Go Bubble Man! Lol!

  22. hey kathleen can u give me one 2??

  23. SURE! What AAAAAABout……..Kitsy? K. for short? Kitsy, like a kitten, cute and silly!

  24. i like the k. alone. its short and easy to remember!

  25. oh by the way, thanks kathleen see ya on monday!!

  26. i dont have a nick name and i dont really want one but i would liuke bubble gum!

  27. Kristen, K., it is! Your Welcome! I’m not coming to school on Monday, I think, becauuse Miley is picking me on Sunday!
    avrilisawesome: It’s OK if you don’t have a nickname! It’s only a possibility, but if you want, I’ll give you the nickname, bubble gum! B.G. ofr short, K? I’ll still call you avrilisaweome, 2, if you like!

  28. oh ok then see u on 2sday or any day after that!

  29. K!

  30. Ok guys you can call me av or avril or pumpkin lol!

  31. or call me candy!

  32. can i be…. think of one for me please! I love dog’s the color green and Taylor Swift!

  33. HMM…Sherbert? Lol! If you don’t like that nickname, please tell me more about you!

  34. i like that nickname but i should butt out since this isnt my conversation but i alo like that kind of ice cream


  36. oh and i mean also not alo*

  37. lol how bout nickname lol

  38. ice cream or bubble gum or hersheyor chocolate or latte orum caffe or starbucks

  39. i like taylor swift tooo and how about no name of my old poor dogs name rip babi boi

  40. What about hot chocalate for kortni?

  41. i love hot chocolate :)……………… yum……….

  42. I wanna nickname

  43. O that’s cool!!!! I luv it! Thank you!!!! Kathleen you wanna be friends?

  44. Valorie,
    What about Smiley Swirl? Lol! Or we can just call you starsxo?
    Thanks! Of course, we can be friends!

  45. Awesome! I’ll put you on my blogrole! ~Sherbert lol!

  46. plz can I have a kewl nickname C.C? please?!

  47. can i have a cool nickname too c.c.?? plz! i LOVE kittens, my fave color is blue, my 2 fave hobbies are singing and art, i have got a ton of friends, i love disney fairies, im a virgo, i was born on august 31st, im 9 years old (turning ten in august!), i have a pet bird named sunny, i like to watch disney channel and nickelodeon, i go to a daycare so i like kids, and my mom is a babysitter, that is all i can think of at the moment! plz come up with a cool nickname for me! how about you give me 3 choices and i can decide which of the 3 id like and you can come up with a short name for my nickname! thanx!

  48. K, thnx, 1kbuckeye9!
    Rockin’ Out With Webkinz, OF COURSE! Just tell me more about u!
    crystalsing, OK, here r your 3 choices:
    1. Indy, standing for Independent because Virgos are very independent!
    2. Happy Feet, beacuse your always happy, duh!
    3. Kreative Kat, K.K. for short!
    Which one do you like best? Ohh, I hope u like the nicknames I thought of!

  49. cani have a nickname? but i need u to help me think of one cuz i can’t think of any good ones

  50. Yay, Amdanda! This i sgonna be tough, tho! Hmm…Smiley? Because your always so positive of yourself and r always having a blast, even on the comp.! Is that a cool nickname 4 u?

  51. ok…:

    I love dogs (my fave animals), especially Schnauzers!

    My fave colour is aqua blue!

    I love HSM, HSM 2, UNDERDOG, HAIRSPRAY, AIR BUDDIES AND INDIANA JONES SOOOOOO MUCH (and much more movies but I have forgotten themm lol)!

    I love chocohlate especially my fave Kinder Bueno and my second fave is Ferroro Rocher!! mmmmmm yum!

    I LOOOOOOOOOOVE ALL ANIMALS (even spiders – I never have hurt one)!


    My fave school subject is ART!


    ok that’s all I can think of at the minute lol!

  52. ok, thanx soo much C.C.! i cant decide between Happy Feet and Kreative Kat! ill have my disicion shortly! ill tell you and then you can tell ppl about my new nick name ( me too!)thanx soooooooo much!

  53. I like Smiley! And ur Cotton Candy, right Kathleen?

  54. yeah she’s Cotton Candy (aka C.C and Kathleen)! k doggies?

  55. ROWW go to my blog! vote on something!

  56. you too smiley! it is at

  57. k crys!

  58. ROWW,
    Here goes nothing:
    1. Chocalate Fudge?
    2. Shining Star?
    3. Animal Affair?
    4. Nerds?
    Do u like any of those? Sorru if they’re lame!
    OK, glad u like my nicknames 4 u!
    OK, so yur nickname is Smiley? Yay, I’m C.C.-Cotton Candy!
    Love U ALL,

  59. can i have the nickname coco? lol

  60. My nickname is Kool Kat. Does anyone like that? I acually am NOT a cat person! I am more of a GUINEA PIG person! But it is still cute-ee-oh!

  61. I love all of those but I like Animal Affair the mist! so peeps call me that (or AA)! thnx c.c

  62. I like Smiley Swirl so call me that from now on
    sorry it took me so long to comment back i have been busy

  63. Could i have a nickname?

  64. i don’t like Kool Kat.

  65. Why not, 17Starlite? I think that it is cute! How about DQ? Short for Drama Queen! Either DQ, Drama queen or Icee.

  66. i am in theater camp this summer…. ok! DQ

  67. Thanks, Starlite!

  68. oh i forgot about my nickname! lol
    -Smiley 🙂

    PS- ♥ ur site!!!

  69. lol, amanda! smiley! oh, and thanks!

  70. What about me, kathleen? I hate my nickname, lol. Here are some facts about me:

    I LOVE JOE JONAS(I KNOW you hate them, but bear with me here)

  71. :)hi my name is michael i would like a nickname i want one soon!)

  72. val, okay smiley swirl it is(:
    mostly ghostly- so u love horses? huh so do i 😀 but anyways wats your favorite kind of horse? that could be your nickname, after your fav. kind of horse(;
    michael- okay, tell me some stuff about you to help me pick a nickname.
    – C.C.

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