Football Luck, Junk, & Everything Else In Between

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I like the:

who do u all like???

& im really disappointed the patriots  didnt make the play-offs this year, cause the jets lost. I guess it was just not their year…& cause brady’s not in cause of his hand being broken & all.

Anyways, Cardinals? Eagles? Which 1 r u routing 4 2 go 2 the superbowl? I say cardinals!!!!! hate the eagles, no offense but they’re my worst enemy. [football-wise…]

& Steelers? Ravens? I hate how 2 teams from DIFFERENT divisions have to play against each other in the superbowl, cause i wanted the steelers & ravens  2 play against each other in the superbowl, even tho the steelers already beat the ravens once. I’m cheering for the Ravens cause personally, they live closer to me, in Delaware & cause the quarterback is from UD [university of delaware] 7 it would be an amazing 1st year 4 him if he makes the superbowl. But then again, they steelers r awesome…I’ll just see wat happens!

now on 2:

Football Luck

1 word, eagles. eagles. eagles. eagles. eagles. eagles. times a zillion.

the eagles have been unbelievably lucky this year, beating giants & cowboys.& being in the CHAMPIONSHIPS. its just so annoying. & when they’re not lucky, they r still moving forward cause OTHER teams lose. sry if this is all mean 2 u eagles fans, but Im so against them! seriously & now I REALLY hope they dont win against Arizona! *fingers crossed*

Football Junk

1 more word, again… eagles. eagles. eagles. eagles. eagles. eagles. times a zillion.

cause its my personal opinion. end of story. xD

well gtg, 2morrow is another indoor soccer game..btw, if i didnt tell u b4, my team is the LIGHTNING & Im playing with U16 girls, when Im only 12 and 1/2! its so cool & intense!!!!!






















Stewie Family Guy


random post :D

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Chose ur fav. song out of these choices [click on links 2 listen, thx!!!]

Mystery Song 1.

Mystery Song 2.

Mystery Song 3.

Mystery Song 4.

plz comment telling me which 1 u like best, & I’ll tell u which 1 i like ;]

What’s A Cookie Kick-Off???

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~Yesturday my girlscout troop did a cookie kick-off that we’ve been planning & preparing for!!!

Cookie Kick-Off-A celebration with fun activities to start selling girlscout cookies and remembering all the rules in a creative way, the day before we can sell girlscout cookies.

~So my girlscout troop & I made the best girlscout cookie kick-off ever [: hopefully. There were 4 stations, the cookie relay race where you had to pick up 1 cookie at a time on a spatula & look both ways [like ur crossing a street] and dump it in a basket on the other side. That’s the activity I took over with 3 other girls in my troop.

Then there’s the obstacle course where I wasn’t really informed about since I wasn’t leading it, but I think you had to put on gloves, a hat, and carry a box of cookies to a big basket.

On Wednesday my troop video-taped a play that we had to memorize about girlscout rules in an acting scene, there were 2. It was cool but I kept messing up my lines cause I had to memorize a lot cause I was the girlscout troop leader. So the next activity was watching the 2 videos.

Last, there was an icecream station 😀 & u could put these smashed up girlscout cookies on your icecream. So after everyone left, my troop ate a lot of icecream. I made mount everest & I think I had more toppings then icecream xp

peace out [girlscout]

[gtg sell girlscout cookies & do indoor soccer game xD]

L0TS 0f News!!! [[Merry Christmas & Happy 2009]]

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Merry Christmas BulbsLittle Green Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody! Sorry Im late on this, its just I’ve been so amazingly busy lately during our winter break. I haven’t had such a good Christmas this year, tho..I wanted an I-Pod, but I didnt get anything big this year. I guess because of the economy & everything. But I got a lot of krazy socks. [x & clothes & candy. What about everyone else?

New YearNew Year

Goodbye 2008, hello 2009!!! Last night, New Years Eve, I stayed up til almost 3 a.m.! Im very tired.

& Good News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yey, im so glad, & I cant wait to comment on her new posts again!

gtg, busy still & winter break >home work<  =\

bye xp

Where’s Clare?

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Where’s Clare?

Her blog is:

Here last post was a very long time ago about her mom and now I’m really worried about her..Hopefully she’s okay and so is her family and mom.

To Clare If You’re Reading This:

Lonely Polar Bear Puppy Miss You

Missing You Puzzle Sad PuppyMissing You Lighthouse

I Miss You

Missing You BeachSad Puppy

Big Thx To HorseLover1089 + Random Glitter Graphics! :D

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Thanks a trillion for the posts on your blog about my blog, I appreciate it so very much.


So here’s some random glitter graphics that I posted to warm up ur holiday spirit! xP

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree          

Christmas Glitter Graphics

Happy Holidays to You
Happy Holidays to You

Not This Year-Aly and AJ-Love It-Vote!!!

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Its called not this year- by aly and aj, for there new album!

I love it, & I want 2 know if u do, so vote xP

1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

2. Its awesome, not the best really…

3. I wouldnt listen to it every day…

4. I dont really like it at all.

5. I hate it!!!!!


So vote, & I’ll try to get to ur comments and blogs, I’ve been busy with the whole christmas presents thing and my sports & hobbies…thx 4 all the hits and comments!!!


[[ 8 More ]]


9 More Days!!! :D

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Merry Almost Christmas!

No more double digits,

only 9 more days!!! I can’t wait!!! How about everyone else?

Huck Finn In 4 Minutes~Lego Style :P

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You have got to check out this hilarious video!!! 0r Else >:]








Happy Thanksgiving~2008!!!

November 27, 2008 at 1:42 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments


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