Video Diary

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if it means alot to you by a day to remeber<3

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  1. awwwwwww thats so nice! Thanx 4 that sister!

  2. 4 making this page?

  3. thats a sad song 😦

  4. I know, because I’m STILL feeling sad…


  6. Thanks for the encouragment! Call me later to plan out the shopping affair!

  7. it sounds like your boyfriend dumped you after 5 years of love (example, this never happened)

    feeling down in the dumps?

  8. 17Starlite-But I don’t have a boyfriend…and I’ve liked Jeffrey, if that’s who your prefering to, 5 years and we have never gone on a date yet, so it really isn’t about “Boys”!

  9. who is singing that!! (O.O)

  10. i know i said example

  11. Yeah, 17Starlite, but it’s not that.
    Yay! It’s weird!

  12. jeff broke up with you?

  13. no i don’t think Jeff broke up with her that was an example

  14. oh

  15. when it says:
    Be yourself do’t ever change your style
    well some people need to like Mean Girl, GreenGalRox, etc

    Feeling a bit better or is someone doing something that makes you sad and you want to get your feelings out/you are warning him you won’t let him do this
    not saying that happened but it’s a good guess right?

  16. Ok, I thank u all 4 commenting here but just please don’t talk about me dating Jeffrey! It’s NOT TRUE!!!!! We aren NOT dating or anything lovey like that!

  17. sad?
    cheer up! turn the frown upside down!

  18. can I do a page like this?

  19. 17Starlite, thanks! Yeah, i’ve been sad…
    Hannah, k! Just say “idea from Kathleen” Lol!

  20. I love that song 2!

  21. I know, I love the chorus part and how in the movie all these guys r trying 2 impress her w/ dance moves! Lol!

  22. That song does say a lot about the problems you have been having 😦

  23. 😦 😦 thanks, vicky…and its SUMMER! We aren’t suppossed to have problems with friends sionce you barely see them… 😥

  24. 😦

  25. Whats wrong??? ps.I love that song!

  26. 😥
    I’ve been left out lately…and it will only get way worse in middle school… 😥

  27. I know how it feels 2. everyone is fake,you know. Its ok,no one ever asks me 2 come over to there house any more. I call them and ask if they can come over and they say no. Only 6 people came 2 my pool party. 2 cuz,2 guys that live next door,and 2 girls that live next door. Don’t worry,I feel the same way you do. thats why I like blogs. Everyone is my friend. like you and amanda and clare.

  28. thanks for understanding! I lvoe blogs, it brings us all together. 🙂

  29. Ya 🙂

  30. i love the song but i am sorry about how you feel 😦

  31. Hannah-YA YA! 😆
    Victoria, The song is great!!! Its ok, I hate summers, u don’t get to c ur friends, especially jeffrey… 😥

  32. I dont know why you are keeping things from me Kathleen.
    Like who you are taken by!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  33. i told u on weeworld!!!

  34. its so sad 😦

  35. The song is sad?

  36. that we don’t get to see each other

  37. yeah…

  38. sad 😦

  39. You can just call them up and ask if they can come over to hang out. thats what I do

  40. i miss u 2…. 😦

  41. i can’t wait to see you and vicky and james on the first day of midle school! don’t feel sad kath, u know we all luv u!!!!♥♥♥♥:)

  42. Kristen, 😥 😥
    Kathryn, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, lol…!!!

  43. i love that song but did you pick that song because of jeffery

  44. yes, of course

  45. oh

  46. mmm hmmm…

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